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Control and Safety System

JJAC deliver cost-efficient control and safety system support, and modifications. One of our specialities is lifetime extension of obsolete systems with extensive in-depth expertise in 800xA systems ,ABB AC500 , Symphony® Plus and Freelancer

Our proven, in-use, efficient, and lean delivery model is tailored for small to medium projects, and we deliver cost-efficient and safe modifications for control and safety systems.

Typical examples are: upgrade of controllers, modifications to logic. For minor to small modifications we cover engineering, system changes, and documentation . This is often done for operations directly. We also cover system support contracts with telephone support, spare parts, emergency response, onshore and offshore support, and reference (test) system hosting.

Alarm System Improvement

What to look for

Some common symptoms of an alarm system that needs to be improved are:

Minor process disturbances that produce a large amount of alarms
Routine operations that produce a large number of alarms with no action required
Alarm texts that are not understandable and offers little-to-no help
A large number of high priority alarms occur
Major process disturbances that produce alarm flooding

Process Optimisation

JJAC are experts on process control systems, and has recently established its process optimisation service and is ready to offer services for finding smooth tuning parameters for the Process Control System, including software for monitoring the process control loops performance.

JJAC offers an advanced monitoring service of the Process Control system, which can detect mechanical issues, PID-tuning issues, general loop performance, and interaction, before they significantly impact the production.

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